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World Cup qualification matches against Malta and Albania are among the highlights of the coming football season at Råsunda. Also an international against Denmark and lots of premier division "Allsvenskan" matches beginning 5 April. Tickets of all sorts can be found right here.

Råsunda fotbollsstadion (map) 1 Feb 2009 | others bloggar


humanobserver said...

hmmmmm. so are you going to see this match ?

cieldequimper said...

Well... I'll leave the soccer tickets and take the souvenirs! Are they of the tasteful kind? ;-)

Halcyon said...

I like the signs. Let us know how the match turns out.

Per Stromsjo said...

I should mention that, due to our climate, the football (or soccer , if you will) season begins in April and ends in early November.

humanobserver: It's a case of many matches during this season but no, I tend to stay away from football for all sorts of reasons.

cieldequimper: No idea about those souvenirs really. I suppose it's about flags, scarves, caps, t-shirts and what have you.

Halcyon: The blue and yellow colours allude to the Swedish flag of course.

Thanks for commenting!

Jacob said...

This photo is so well composed! Great lines lead one's eye along the wall and great colors make you stop.

Kenta Jönsson said...

Det är ju i alla fall fina skyltar på den där arenan. Per måste ha ett trollspö till kamera som t.o.m lyckas få Solna att se bra ut på bild. ;-)
Nä, nu ska jag vara snäll.. :-)
Imponeras av uppdateringsfrekvensen på bloggen. Har ni haft en bild om dagen sedan starten?!

Per Stromsjo said...

It's a bit difficult to imagine football while in this wintry season but as the daylight returns the prospect appears more realistic.

Jacob: Thanks! This was taken just before dusk. I rarely get any decent shots in that kind of light but I was attracted by the way this stadium seemed to lose its colour.

Kenta Jönsson: Nu ska vi inte trassla in oss i en diplomatisk incident med Solna... ;)

Tackar som frågar, jag svarar på utrikiska ifall fler är intresserade...

Kenta asks whether we've been publishing on a daily basis ever since beginning in 2005.

pixels became "officially daily" in January 2007 when we joined City Daily Photo . Since then, it's been a matter of one photo in one blog post per day. No more, no less.

As a matter of fact, we were slightly more productive before joining CDP. On average, we released more photos than there were days in a year. However, we didn't have an editor in charge of scheduling posts so our material appeared in an irregular fashion. 13 December 2006 was the most recent day that we actually missed to publish anything.

For obvious reasons, it's easier to deliver content on a regular basis as we're an entire team behind this blog.

Thanks for asking, Kenta!

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