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rest in peace in färentuna

Färentuna is a 34 kilometers' drive west-north-west of the city center, well into the countryside and yet very much a part of Stockholm County. Here's a wreath at a grave by Färentuna Church.

Färentuna kyrka (map) 4 January 2009 | others bloggar


JM said...

Beautiful photo!
I can see some sun light, right? Now I envy you! :-)

Per Stromsjo said...

Only part of the wreath was sunlit so I didn't know what to do about this one and went for a macro shot instead. As a matter of fact today was quite sunny. This photo however is four weeks old. Thanks, JM.

humanobserver said...

A beautiful image...

Per Stromsjo said...

Interestingly, we got ourselves some winter this year. No snow (to speak of) but temperatures under zero for weeks now. So looking back at this one, it was sort of a beginning.

Thanks, humanobserver.

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