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Harley boat

I have no idea why this boat is named Harley-Davidson 1. As I understand it, men over 50 buy most HD motorcycles. Maybe men over 50 also like boats?

Stadsgårdskajen (map) 8 February 2009 | others bloggar


Pia K said...

Actually I've been to a birthday do at this boat. Curiously enough a do for a guy turning 50 owning, at that time, a HD, how about that for a cliché?

The boat is for hire for private functions, more info here

Anonymous said...

It is a nice looking boat. I wonder about the name too. Maybe the owner also owns the Harley Davidson company.

Brookville Daily Photo

Halcyon said...

Hee! You know what it means though - there must be a Harley Davidson II out there somewhere!

Per Stromsjo said...

Cliché or no cliché - once again our daring correspondent Pia offers exclusive insight!

For those who don't insist on owning a motorbike and would settle for just listening to them, there is plenty on offer in the city come summer.

Jacob said...

A very good photograph with the lights and city in the background. The owner may just be a Harley wannabe...or maybe he's advertising for HD?

Pia K said...

Anything - in moderation - for pixels, Per:)

And yes, the boat is apparently owned by HD Sweden, more information can be found if one looks at the link I provided in the above comment...

Peter Fristedt said...

Thank you all! I kind of like this photograph. And thank you Pia for setting the records straight!

A Norwegian car ferry built in 1957, she was bought by Harley-Davidson Sweden in 1998 and has, as I understand it, been a charter and party boat since then.

I believe the typical Harley-Davidson rider is a fifty year old male going through something.

humanobserver said...

Cool :)

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