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steamships of Stockholm

photo: Kenneth Blake

Two steamships loading at the Skeppsbron quay in Old town. S/S Blidösund, celebrating its hundredth birthday in two years and the youngster S/S Saltsjön, built in 1925. The ships are very much alive museum ships with popular blues and jazz cruises in the Stockholm archipelago. They also have excellent kitchens with "steamship beefsteak" as a traditional speciality. Behind the steamers we see the masts of the schooner Af Chapman. The white building to the left is Skeppsholmskyrkan, a church that was secularized in 2002.

Skeppsbron (map) 21 December 2008 | others bloggar


Per Stromsjo said...

Good food, good music and the archipelago. For whatever reason I never tried one of these cruises but it sure sounds like a terrific way to be a tourist in one's home town. Better bring the camera as well.

Deslilas said...

Thanks for this invitation for a cruise in your so wonderful archipelago.

Pia K said...

Lovely photo, such a nice blue tone, very inviting.

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