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sendero luminoso

Neither regional nor long distance trains stop at Jakobsberg Station in Järfälla Municipality. And yet the recently renovated station serves more travelers than most railway stations in Sweden. This walking tunnel to a local shopping mall used to be particularly gloomy. Now it's a shining path.

Jakobsbergs station (map) 30 December 2008 | others bloggar


humanobserver said...


Peter Fristedt said...

Fantabulous it is!

Steffe said...

very futuristic.

Kenta Jönsson said...

Fantastic photo! Looks like a lasershow of Jean Michel Jarre..

JM said...

Wow, amazing! I really like this and the title of the post too, it would never cross my mind!... and I've been in Peru... :-)

Halcyon said...

Wow! That light is really cool. You have to explain how they did it!

Lena Johansson said...

En "nära-döden-upplevelse"?
Vågar man gå där?
Du och din kamera, ni kan!!!!!

Järnladyn said...


Per Stromsjo said...

Those of you who read the fine print and the labels will no doubt have realized that Jakobsberg was the scene for our most recent team photo stroll.

humanobserver: Or spectastic?

Peter Fristedt: The best things in life are green. But the red part wasn't bad either.

Steffe: Yep, sort of. And believe me, this used to be a miserable tunnel.

Kenta Jönsson: Well, from now on folks will be saying that his laser shows look just like that tunnel in Jakobsberg! ;)

JM: I've got a twisted mind when it comes to titles and associations. This was probably the first and last time I chose a communist term... Just couldn't get it out of my head.

Halcyon: It's even cooler in the other direction. Follow the link in this post and stay tuned for more. If I remember correctly there is a small niche in the ceiling and the light is allowed to play inside that niche.

Lena Johansson: Nej, en nära-bussen-upplevelse! Här går man till bussen ifall man t.ex. bor i Viksjö eller jobbar i Veddesta. Och vänta bara, det var fler kameror igång där nere.

Järnladyn: Bara att hålla med. Lyckad arkitektur.

Stay tuned to this frequency for more tunnel visions. And thanks all for commenting.

Incidentally, tomorrow morning we'll be heading for Barkarby - another part of Järfälla Municipality.

Anonymous said...

Cool photo!

Marc said...

Very cool effect and very well framed! Caught my eye immediately.

Fredrik said...

What a great idea!

Deslilas said...

Beautiful shining path.
Anyway it's better not to meet Jack Nicholson with "Shining" temper !

mkhansen said...

What a brilliant idea! I like the way your photo captures it (looks almost like a person could reach up and put his hand into the light), yet you can still imagine what the tunnel was like before.

Per Stromsjo said...

We'll return here for another angle on Tuesday, don't miss that.

Carrie Hayes: Thanks. Have you got a favourite walking tunnel?

Marc: I suppose it's something about those lines creating a sense of depth. Tunnels should be interesting places for architects.

Fredrik: I wish more tunnels were created with a bit of artistic ambition.

Deslilas: Naw, this is a place for harmony! ;)

mkhansen: I had a hard time choosing between this shot and another one with shadows passing in front of the camera. That one did give a better sense of size and distance but this one looked better...

Thanks all for commenting.

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