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ode to jakobsberg

I suppose that's what this choir is about, no? Facing the mall in Jakobsberg, hidden in a bush (I almost missed them, along with the blackbird I nearly stepped on) but still singing. And I furthermore guess it's not heavy metal, even if one might get that impression by the looks of them :-)
Jakobsbergs centrum (map) 30 December 2008 | others bloggar


Lena Johansson said...

They are wonderful to look at, I think I can hear them singing loudly and special, perhaps the iron-cousins near Tumba Sjukhus can hear them too?
Thank you Bernt

Halcyon said...

I like these statues. Very simple design.

I hope you have a wonderful 2009 with lots of luck, love and most importantly good health!

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