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minimalistic living

I guess that's what you would call this small house. I passed it at first without noticing anything special. Suddenly I realized that it was a small replica of some of the surrounding houses - meant for the birds. There's a hook to attach the food and inside someone has put a portable lamp. No doubt to make the birds feel more comfy, right?

Utkiksbacken (map) 4 Jan 2009 | others bloggar


Deslilas said...

That the Swedish way of life ( for birds too !).

Pia K said...

That's adorable! Very Moomin-looking. I love that little red miniature house in the same area.

Babooshka said...

It's a little pixie house.

Bernt Seipl said...

Pia: I know which house you're referring to. I saw it, but it was not illuminated like this.

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