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mid-month theme: subway day

Dancing on the ceiling is strictly prohibited in the Stockholm Subway. It does however make a pretty good mirror. This is one of our modern subway cars and in case anyone recognizes the angle - yes, we've done this before.

Kungsträdgården (map) 13 January 2009 | others bloggar

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Peter Fristedt said...

Exquisite! Did you polish the dance ceiling before you took the picture, or are they that clean?

Happy subway day!

Deslilas said...

I'm afraid our Paris metro or RER are not enough clean for such pic !

Halcyon said...

This is a neat one! I'm still not exactly sure how you did it, but the result is quite eye-catching!

Carrie Flicka said...

These look just like the buses in Las Vegas, NV. At night, the homeless sleep on the buses so they don't have to sleep in the cold so you generally see a bus full of sleeping homeless folks.

JM said...

You've done it before but this photo looks much more artistic! :-) Such a great idea became a fabulous shot!

Peter said...

Nice to se so clean and shining subway cars ... and obviously not over-crowded!

Per Stromsjo said...

The camera is immediately under the ceiling. What you see underneath the camera is one of those poles people can cling to if they haven't got a seat.

Peter Fristedt: As a matter of fact it was already well polished!

Deslilas: Neither are our cars, most of the time...

Halcyon: Reflections tend to confuse our brains but it's simple really. (see explanation above)

Carrie Flicka: I'm sure the buses are better than remaining outdoors. Still, a depressing sight having homeless traveling nowhere all night long.

JM: I used to think that the older cars are better for this kind of shot but I'm beginning to agree with you. It does look quite confusing and that's half the fun!

Peter: A couple of minutes later there were no free seats left. This was taken immediately before departure from where the line begins.

Thanks all for commenting!

Ming the Merciless said...

Darn! I totally forgot about it AGAIN!

ARGH!!!!!!! Please remind me.

Andrea Gerak said...

Hej Per, this looks awesome! And I am quite often amazed how clean the subways and buses are - compared to other places I have been to.

Andrea Gerak said...

Oh yeah, Happy Subway Day! :-))

Jenny said...

Såå himla läcker bild - man får titta en stund innan man får ihop det riktigt, vad som är vad och hur det hänger ihop!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Great photograph!

Tinsie said...

Fab picture! Me likey very much indeed :-)

Per Stromsjo said...

Interestingly, this particular shot could not have been taken with a system camera. There's barely room for my compact between that pole and the ceiling.

Ming (tm): Not to worry. I noticed you took care of this swiftly! :)

Andrea Gerak: I never think of our subway as particularly clean but we often get this comment so there's probably some truth to it after all.

Jenny: Speglingar är ett säkert sätt att förvirra hjärnan. Även jag som tog bilden blir yr i toupén!

Bhavesh Chhatbar: Appreciate that, I was rather pleased myself with this one.

Tinsie: ...and me did likey too! ;)

Many thanks, everyone.

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