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to readers, guest photographers and co-authors, thanks for five exciting years of pixels !



This beautiful sculpture called "Havsvind" by Kent Ullberg ("Seabreeze" for you who don't understand Swedish so well) really stands out from the evening sky. There is not a hint of blue left, even though it's only around half past seven. I need to return and do this once more against a blue summer sky. Meanwhile, look closer.

Gustavslundsvägen, Alvik (map) 3 Jan 2009 | others bloggar


Peter H said...

You guys are doing such an amazing work with "Stockholm by pixels". This is more or less a randomly choosen picture to comment. The quality is always on top and each of you have developed a characteristic mannerism which makes this even more interesting to follow.

Keep up the good work and a fortunate new year, Bernt, Per and Peter.


Per Stromsjo said...

On behalf of the team, thanks for those kind words!

Also, let's not forget that we're fortunate to have many guest photographers contributing. Hopefully, this growing collection of contributing lenses brings different perspectives and makes pixels more interesting to follow.

humanobserver said...

I am happy to see this beautiful sculpture....

Bernt Seipl said...

I can only agree in Per's words. Glad that we can make people so intrigued by our work, so they keep coming back, over and over again ;-)

mkhansen said...

I like the colors in this one - black and almost gold - though I'd like to see it with blue, as well. Interesting that the sculpture is of stainless steel, because it looks so golden here.

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