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sergel by dusk (2)

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as gloom and drizzle fill the air
a subway entrance is our street's salon
when all the merchants got their share
by Sergel Square we mingle on

Sergels torg (map) 23 November 2008 | others bloggar


JM said...

Dusk is the magic hour of the day. Your shot really shows it.
I liked the levitating tree! :-)

mkhansen said...

I like the way you layered the buildings in this shot. Dusk is my favorite time, but not for mingling.

Per Stromsjo said...

With all the warm air coming out of the subway this entrance is a reasonably temperate makeshift living room.

JM: I've been told that dawn is just as fine but I usually sleep then... ;)

mkhansen: I can't say that I'm particularly thrilled by the architecture around the square but with all this light it does give a favourable impression at this time of year.

Thanks for stopping by!

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