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mid-month theme: subway day

They don't call it rush hour for nothing.
Onwards to Ropsten at warp speed!

Liljeholmen (map) 14 December 2008 | others bloggar

subway day is a mid-month theme shared by the following blogs:
Budapest - New York City - Paris - Stockholm


Jenny said...

Riktigt läcker bild, hur häftig som helst! Och utan stativ? *imponerad*

Peter said...

I trust that the red light was greener when the head of the train passed!

(It seems tha Ming and Gerak have omitted to make their metro posts today - at least for the moment. Maybe they should invite a "guest star", like me?)

JM said...

Fantastic subway shot!

Ming the Merciless said...

The train is running through the red light. :-)

I have "worked" the subway theme onto my original photo for today so no major changes was necessary.

Per Stromsjo said...

Slightly below warp speed, I suppose...

Jenny: Tackar. När man nu aldrig blev t-bane-förare får man trösta sig med sån't här... Vad stativet beträffar så är det sant att jag inte kånkar runt på något sån't men fördelen med kompaktkameror är att det vimlar av de-facto-stativ, små ytor att placera dem på. Ett staket i plattformsändan, typ. Den här hade jag aldrig fixat på fri hand.

Peter: As a matter of fact the light was just as red then since this is a signal for the adjance track seen to the right. We've been privileged to have several guest photographers recently and there's room for more...

JM: Thanks. You should stop by Stockholm some time, it would be fascinating to see your great compositions meet our everyday environment.

Ming(tm): Only by special permission, of course... ;) Good to have you with us again!

Happy subway day everyone!

Julie said...

It is interesting to see how each of you weave the subway theme into your post. Interesting idea. Our traindrivers in Sydney have a tendency to ignore red lights, too!

mkhansen said...

I can't resist those primary colors!

Peter Fristedt said...

Smashing! At first I thought the white line was a ... painted white line. But then the tunnel would be too low so I realise it's the windows. And the solitude red light. I like this very much Per. It gets my mind spinning! You must have been very close to the train.

Happy subway day!

Virginia said...

Thank you for allowing me to step in this month. This is a great capture!! Wow. The Meto/subway is a new and a little intimidating thing for an Alabama girl. I think after this last trip to Paris I might just be learning it somewhat. Also, according to Peter TODAY, I might have been apprehended for taking photos! Oh dear..

Per Stromsjo said...

Train control here is pretty much automated and has been for decades so the train driver cannot pass a red signal. The red light you see is for an adjacent track.

Julie: Glad you enjoy the theme!

mkhansen: And we do need those colours now that everything appears to be wrapped in grey!

Peter Fristedt: Thanks. The platform ends in a pointy fashion so while standing on the right side of the fence one is still rather close to the trains. I also got to talk to a couple of nice train drivers!

Virginia: Stockholm has quite a large subway network but it's certainly dwarfed by Paris and some other world cities. Still, we've got a hundred stations to keep us busy.

Thanks all for commenting!

Jennifer said...

Någon har varit nere på spåret och sprungit, det ser jag det =)

Per Stromsjo said...

For the record, Jennifer... Det räcker bra med att spana innanför det lilla vita staketet där borta... ;)

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