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levitating X-mas

text & photo: Jennifer Hallqvist

During a walk in the Old Town it just so happened that in an alley I lifted my gaze and there it was ... the Christmas tree. It was just hanging there, fully lit with Christmas decorations and everything. It made me happy.

Old Town (map) 14 December 2008 | others bloggar


Fio said...

What a funny idea :D
Greetings and Merry Christmas :)

Steffe said...

A bit of a surprise!

babooshka said...

The yellow really jumps out.

mkhansen said...

I like that, too. You've caught the surprise of it in your photo.

Z said...

Perfect for the Harry Potter fans!

Jennifer said...

It really took me by surprice =) a good idea if you live in the city without a green patch to stick your christmas tree.

You have a merry one! =)

Lena Johansson said...

My city - I live in Stockholm - seems to be a most funny place to visit in december.

Virginia said...

Oh aren't you happy you had your camera! That made me smile too. Love your title. It's perfect.

Thanks also for your kind comment about my portrait today. I really appreciate it! Hope you saw Peter's photos on my Paris blog today. He was my guest blogger.

Julie said...

Perhaps it was strung on rope between two windows which would mean that two people have had to co-operate to give others this pleasure.

Now THAT is one of the good aspects of Christmas.

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