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intermission at tredje raden (2)

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From yesterday's Nobel festivities to another glimpse of the opera house. The current repertoire includes classics like the Barber of Seville, Bohéme and Tosca. A modern version of Cinderella sounds interesting. This photo is from an intermission in Samson and Delilah.

Operan, Gustav Adolfs torg (map) 11 Nov 2008 | others bloggar


Z said...

Were you in the nosebleed section by choice, or do you like to keep more money for other things, like I used to do in DC? :-)

JM said...

Fantastic shot! The opera house looks absolutely stunning! So, the photo was taken before the haircut, right? :-)

Lena Johansson said...

Så vackert det är, jag längtar dit, varför går jag inte, är det för nära?

Per Stromsjo said...

Funny really. I never listen to opera music while at home. It's got to be live or nothing, apparently.

Z: Good to hear from you! My seat was at a lower altitude but I decided to pay a visit just under the ceiling rather than drinking expensive coffee in the intermission.

JM: It is a stunning house and regardless of what they're playing there's a lot to see. Took a while before I figured out your haircut question (the need for haircuts is limited with my kind of hairstyle...;) I guess you're referring to the tragic hero Samson. And yes, this was before the haircut. Boy, was he in for an unpleasant treatment!

Lena Johansson: Så kan det vara. Jag går förbi ställen jag aldrig besöker i sta'n och utanför står det en buss från Jokkmokk. Ibland måste man bo en bit bort för att inse värdet.

Thanks for visiting!

JM said...

Yes, Per, I was referring to Samson! :-)))

mkhansen said...

Beautiful. Wish we had one of these. (Obviously impossible in a town of 7,000.)

Per Stromsjo said...

Opera can be surrealistic at times. Gruesome events wrapped up in heavenly music.

JM: As a matter of fact this particular hero has been subject to more recent tributes as well...

mkhansen: A manageable size of a town, I bet that has its advantages too!


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