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daily photo theme day: 40 years of water tapping

Some three kilometers away from the photographer (at Hornstull) is Gullmarsplan and the gigantic ball Stockholm Globe Arena.

The Globe was inaugurated in 1989 and is the world's largest spherical building. 110 meters in diameter and 85 meters in inside height, it would take some 40 years to fill it from a water tap. (Where do those numbers come from?) Here and here are more pixels.

Globen (map) 25 November 2008 | others bloggar

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USelaine said...

Wow, if it's three kilometers away, it must be big! Great idea for the theme.

Isadora said...

That shot is nicely balanced with the glow against the dark skies.

40 years huh? WOW

Halcyon said...

Must be a pretty big ball! I always enjoy your night shots.

Nice choice for the theme day.

Tash said...

The color is just beautiful & it looks like a jewel in the night! I loved your funny comment on mine :). Cheers!

Per Stromsjo said...

Having a ball in Stockholm, no less!

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