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water week: a splashing moment

photo: Johan Bryggare

Rainy October; children love it. Everywhere pools of water to play in. Outside the day care center Regnbågen in Sollentuna this girl finds the perfect spot to try out her new rubber boots and have a splashing moment.

Sollentuna (map) 16 October 2008 | others bloggar

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Halcyon said...

Too cute!

Carrie Flicka said...

Vatten ser kallt. Söt baby! Hope that's right. Learning to speak Swedish in Texas has proven to be difficult LOL!

Per Stromsjo said...

Simply irresistible. Thanks for sharing this photo, Johan.

Vattnet ser kallt ut, Carrie Flicka.

vatten=water, vattnet=the water

Ja, babyn är söt.

Swedish is said to be a difficult language to learn (slightly easier when you're born here of course) and I'm impressed by your effort.

rob said...

What photo could you have made without the parents around!? :) Great shot!

Lena Johansson said...

To carrie flicka:

"ser ut" means "look like",

Fine that you try,then you learn!
Swedish is not so difficult for English-speaking people.Just go on!

Vattenlekar är kul när man är ett litet barn.
Watergames are fun when you are a little child.

Yes!!!!! Still!!!!!

JM said...

The photo is really cool! :-)

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