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water week: duck patrol

Mr and Mrs Duck have been quite busy - thank you! - since their previous water week appearance. Here they are, patrolling Rotsunda Creek. In the background, some allotment garden cottages.

Rotsundaån (map) 27 October 2008 | others bloggar

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Halcyon said...

Do you have an allotment garden? What kind of stuff do people grow in there typically?

Per Stromsjo said...

My insight into gardening is virtually nonexistent so I don't have such an allotment. According to a well-informed local source, the average allotment garden is a miniature garden where you'd find stuff like potatoes, vegetables or simply flowers and most likely a tiny cottage. Anyone with such a place, do feel free to add a comment telling us what it's like!

Thanks, Halcyon.

Anonymous said...

In a bigger perspective it certainly was a surviving resource both mentally and physically just consider what you could cultivate to complement your rations given during the world wars and later on for the average citizens of eastern Europe.

The well-informed local source :-)

Lena Johansson said...

Anas platyrhynchos
Gräsand in Swedish.
A much more polite photo than last time, Per!

Peter Fristedt said...

Back Street Ducks! So now it's one male and two female? Is it the sister-in-law?

JM said...

The 'appearance' pic is just gorgeous!!! What a very cool capture! They seem quite happy living out there.

Per Stromsjo said...

Right you are, BCP. A garden is a matter of recreation and even survival when times are hard.

Lena Johansson: This one is more polite but the previous one was a lot funnier...

Peter: They all insisted they're "just friends"... ;)

JM: Imagine that. Happiness in a small creek in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks guys for stopping by.

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