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mid-month theme: subway day

Of course, to become a good metro train driver you must have training. Here is a learner's train - or shall we call it a train train - passing by station Hornstull. The sign says Learner's train. No boarding.

(T) Hornstull (map) 31 October 2008 | others bloggar

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Peter said...

Awaiting the the no-driver versions of the subway, like our latest Paris line (no. 14)!

Per Stromsjo said...

Copenhagen already has them, of course.

Back in the seventies our longer rush hour trains always had a dedicated person in the middle of the train whose responsibility it was to open and close the doors. Nowadays there are cameras and the driver has sole responsibility for the entire subway train.

Interestingly, commuter trains are different. There it's still a matter of shared responsibility. One person drives and one minds the doors, regardless of the length of the train.

Happy subway day, Peter!

Andrea Gerak said...

Hejsan, happy Subway Day again!

This train train is funny :-) And I can see they are training on the older models - why not practice on the new ones?

Ming the Merciless said...

How interesting! I never really thought much about it but you are right, there has to be a training program for train drivers. :-)

Good job, Per.

I think all the trains in NYC have drivers except the new AirTrain that connects the subway stations with the airport (JFK Airport).

Per Stromsjo said...

Andrea has a point, this are some of the older subway cars. To become a good trainee I suppose you need to try them all.

Incidentally, Ming(tm), this was Peter's post so let's give credit where it's due... ;)

Being a subway train driver (or any kind of train driver, I suppose) is a tough job with strange schedules and not all passengers are friendly to have around. But it's a great way to see the city from other angles and - not surprisingly - some drivers are skilled photographers.

Neva said...

really? no boarding while they are learning??? that is amazing! I like the blue of the train...hope the new driver learns quickly!

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