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I am King

- Look at me, here I stand in Kungsträdgården ("the King's Garden") pointing out that I'm a Swede. Charles XII of Sweden is my name, should you have forgotten.

Kungsträdgården (map) 29 oct 2008 | others bloggar


Anonymous said...

Glad to meet you and your king. Nice dark shot.

I think this is my first trip to your blog. I am in Brookville, Ohio and it is cold this morning – 13 degree Fahrenheit = -10.5555556 degree Celsius. If I were just walking past you on the street I would probably smile and nod my head. I hope you would too. LOL

Steffe said...

Nice one Bernt.

photoimagine said...

En "svensk" sådan är inte att ta miste på.

Fortsatt trevlig helg!

Lena Johansson said...

Yes, very Swedish.


Today it is cold for the old king. Stockholm is white of snow. I like it.

Anonymous said...

I like this shot! Very nice, Goddag.

Nenyaki : ) said...

Great idea and great shot.
I wish I had thought of that first!

Bernt Seipl said...

Thanks all for taking the time to comment.

Nenyaki: I must have passed him hundreds of times, and all of a sudden the picture was there, just in front of me.

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