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apples anyone

Fritt efter (freely after) Frans Floris Pomona by Emma Karp Lundström

A real tasty work of art. The "painting" consists of some 18.000 apples fixed by some 38.000 nails. The whole image is 56 square meters large and was on exhibition at the Hallwylska Museum. The kid in the front is a student doing some school work.

Hallwylska museet (map) 4 November 2008 | others bloggar


JM said...

18.000 apples? Wow! I admire the work of choosing the fruits by the colour to make such an impressive picture!

Lena Johansson said...

A very interesting kind of art, also very beautiful. But I would do it as a needlepoint embrodery with cross-stitches, the pattern looks classic.

Bernt Seipl said...

Lena, I'm sure your version of this will last longer :-)

Tinsie said...

WOW! What happens when they go mouldy?!!

Per Stromsjo said...

Good to see such fruitful art in Stockholm!

These are the highlights of the yearly apple market in Kivik some 600 kilometers south-south-west of Stockholm. Here's a detail from the apple composition of 2004.

Peter Fristedt said...

Tinsie: That's a very good question! I have no idea, but I hope they go to feed animals before they go all bad.

Per: They were ever so proud to have the art work here. It's a first time, and the motif can be seen as a painting inside the museum.

Impressive it is! Thanks all for stopping by!

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