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Stockholm East

A close-up of the beautiful railway station Östra station (East station). From here the Roslagsbanan commuter trains take you to the coastal areas of the Uppland province (known as Roslagen).

Östra station (map) 20 September 2008 | others bloggar


Per Stromsjo said...

Yes, well captured! A classic façade. According to well-informed sources there's a darn good restaurant behind it as well.

Anonymous said...

The railway station photo looks like most other buildings of the time but the sign makes it unique.

tr3nta said...

I like this neon publicity shots... this one is very nice.

Peter Fristedt said...

Per: You are indeed well-informed. I recommend everybody to pay the restaurant a visit. Good food in a lovely environment and the staff is very nice. Here's a photo of my latest meal there (elk/moose beef, mushroom sauce and potato cake accompanied by a couple of Staropramen Granat and a jenever).

tr3nta and Abraham: Yes, I think maybe I should go back in the evening and take a few shots (and maybe end up in the restaurant).

Thanks for the visit!

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