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panoramic Stockholm

photo: Irena Hellqvist

No, we are not back in the balloon. This is the magnificent view from a balcony in Nybohov just south of Stockholm City centre. The older houses on the left are the resident area Gröndal, the brown houses in the middle are Reimersholme and to the right are a part of Liljeholmen. The lonely tall building in the middle is the office of the major Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter and its evening sister Expressen.

Nybohov (map) 14 October 2008 | others bloggar


Järnladyn said...

Wow, what a magnificent view and beautiful automn colours!

Per Stromsjo said...

Stockholm is a hilly place on earth. Thanks Irena for sharing. Do enlarge this one, folks!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular panoramic view.


JM said...

This shot really gives me the idea of Stockholm being an archipelago, as I can imagine water even where I don't see it. Great photo!

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