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mid-month theme: subway day

The subway station Solna centrum was opened in 1975. Artists Karl-Olov Björk and Anders Åberg helped create this fascinating red cave, 30 meters below ground level and not far from the national football stadium Råsunda.

(T) Solna centrum (map) 20 September 2008 | others bloggar

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Tash said...

that is so unusual & unique. Seattle's main library has a red 2nd floor that it reminds me of, but their's is sleek and not so organic looking. perfect entry for you mid-mo theme!

Migs CFL fan said...

Wow that is pretty cool I must say. Great pic and Thanks for sharing!


Peter said...

Some fanastic colours! Very nice!!

Blognote said...

A pretty cool picture with those vibrant colours!!

JM said...

Wow! What an amzing ceiling! It must give that station a ver peculiar atmosphere.

Ming the Merciless said...

Wow! It's great to see such beautiful artwork in the subway.

You and Peter (in Paris) have the most beautiful subway photos I've ever seen.


Per Stromsjo said...

Sounds like some special 2nd floor, Tash. Not all our 100 stations are this interesting, I generally prefer the relatively new ones.

Migs CFL Fan: Thanks!

Peter: I admire their courage. Must have taken some consideration to go with this colour all over the place.

Blognote: Appreciate your words.

JM: I hope we can maintain this artistic approach to our subway. There are plans to increase the number of ads to bring in additional revenue and that would damage the atmosphere.

Ming(tm): Thanks, you've had some pretty awesome subway shots yourself. It's great being able to exchange impressions this way.

Thanks everyone and have a happy subway day!

My Life In Montreal said...

I like the cave a lot. Anything red is pretty.

Pia K said...

Wow, what a lovely red station! I don't think I have ever gotten on or off at Solna, must make a mence...

Fredrik said...

Looks so futuristic! Good work!

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