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Public make-up show at the Skärholmen shopping centre. As I understand it people from the audience could step upon the stage and be taken care of. I don't know what drives people. I wouldn't do it. On the other hand, I don't use make-up.

Skärholmen (map) 27 September 2008 | others bloggar


Pia K said...

I wouldn't do it either, and I do wear a bit of makeup. I wouldn't mind getting a few hints and tips from a professional make-up artist in a more private surrounding though, but I always wonder about those women who *enjoy* getting make up in public in department stores... Oops, I have done it once but that was on vacation so that doesn't count. Of course:)

Nice pic.

Steffe said...

And there's a missed opportunity!

Lena Johansson said...

My answer is like the comment from Pia but not that with once on vacation. To sit up there is nothing for me, it is not my way of making make up.
A funny picture.

JM said...

If you are a model, well, that's your job, but I also never quite understood how 'common' people do expose themselves in such a way... a free haircut, a one day make-up? Not enough for me! Lol!

Peter Fristedt said...

Steffe: A missed opportunity: me getting an overhaul? ;o)

Tinsie said...

Mmmm I don't know... if I *needed* a makeover, or had a couple of hours to waste, I might well be convinced to be made up in public. I usually shy away though.

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