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Royal Guards (2)

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Royal Guards marching back and forth with no apparent reason at the Högvaktsterrassen (Royal Guard terrace). They probably only want to impress on the tourists. Saint Nicolaus Church, commonly known as Storkyrkan (The Great Church), in the back.

Högvaktsterrassen (map) 28 June 2008 | others bloggar


JM said...

Very nice frame. I like the stone colour too.

Saretta said...

The reason must be "tradition"...and the tourists!

Halcyon said...

It looks like your sky is about the same color as ours was last week. :(

I like the church tower in the background. Old churches are so neat!

Carrie Flicka said...

What a beautiful picture. I love the big church in the background. The guards look so prestigious.

Anonymous said...

I think they knew you were about to take their photo. That's why they started marching. I'm impressed. ;-)

I like the photo angle.


Peter Fristedt said...

Thanks all for stopping by and taking the time to commenting!

Paz: Imagine having that power ... I would be impressed too ;o)

Saretta: Every week (or maybe more often) they are marching the Stockholm streets showing off. Sweden have enjoyed peace for over 200 years know. Not bad for an old "viking and warrior nation"! Beat that if you can ;o)

Halycon: That was last week! I'm thinking of doing a church special.

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