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rotten? where?

Nothing to be seen from up here anyway. I guess you need to get down to see how the decay is progressing. From here it still looks fab.

Slussen (map) 24 May 2008 | others bloggar


Tinsie said...

Great photo! Are you having some bright, sunny weather at the moment? We are :-)

JM said...

You are right: seen at that distante everything looks normal...

Carrie Flicka said...

Decay? I can't image that Stockholm would let this beautiful, picturesque city go to decay. That statement breaks my heart, but this picture is absolutely breathtaking. It seems to capture the city well.

Bernt Seipl said...

tinsie: Well, you know how it is with weather. Sometimes the sun pours down and sometimes something else pours.

jm: Right....let's stay up here ;-)

carrie flicka: Yes, I love it too.

Thanks for the comments, sorry I'm a bit late with answers. Time's just not on my side right now.

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