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My 38mm "compact living" lens barely managed to squeeze in all of Sollentuna Church into this frame, snapped on top of the stone wall surrounding the church
Sollentuna kyrka (map) 22 August 2008 | others bloggar


MigsCFLer said...

Stunning colours in this photo, thanks for sharing it.


JM said...

I like that massive tower! Also like the orange look on the buildings of your previous post (and of course the nightlight in your photos, but I will not mention it again or I will be very boring! lol!)

Sharon said...

this photo is gorgeous. Beautiful colors and perfect exposure.

Sherry said...

Lovely photo.

Halcyon said...

The colors are magnificent! I love the atmospheric feel. You shoudl have saved this one for Halloween. :)

Lena Johansson said...

Underbar bild av kyrkan,vilka färger o kontraster!Vilken stämning!

babooshka said...

You have done an excellent job. It's so intense and rich in coulour,

Coltrane_lives said...

Man, that blue is well, "blue-tiful"! Magical photo snag. High fives!

Laurie said...

Wow, this is an exceptional photo. I love the color, the dreaminess of it.

Per Stromsjo said...

This shot wasn't my first pick from that evening. Glad you like it and that I finally managed to publish it.

MigsCFLer: The sky is more interesting, in fact, when there are a few clouds. Just like here.

You're not boring, JM! ;) We appreciate your kind comments. And you're right about Peter's orange sunset shot.

Sharon: I suppose a white building is a good thing for the white balance. I tend to rely on the automatic stuff.

Thanks, Sherry!

Halcyon: This place would be nice to visit on All Saints' Day. I should do just that one day.

Tack Lena. Jag har besökt fler än en kyrka i sommar där belysningen varit omsorgsfullt avstängd i den blå timmen. Synd. Såhär fint kan det ju vara annars.

babooshka: Thanks. I wonder what I'd have done if my 38mm lens hadn't provided an angle wide enough. There wasn't really any "backing further away" option.

Ah, blue-tiful... ;) Thanks Coltrane_lives for that term and for your persistent support.

Laurie: It was a very quiet evening. The only sound around came from two girls (probably exchanging secrets;) at a bus stop near by. Oh, and I missed the bus. I suppose it was worth it.

Thanks for kindly stopping by Sollentuna Church and commenting.

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