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hey - come back - you forgot something

Let's hope that they have a better one with them. This one might be a wee bit too small, I think. Someone thought this was a proper place to drop an anchor.

Gåshaga, Lidingö (map) 10 July 2008| others bloggar


Laurie said...

WOw! Makes you wonder why it was left there, huh?

Great shot.

Halcyon said...


Peter Fristedt said...

Hyvää Suomi ;o)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Wonderful capture!


Barbara Rahal said...

ha ah yeap Cruise ship , they do have huge they didnt forget that one..was Olaf the Viking looonng ago!!

Bernt Seipl said...

laurie: Yepp. I still think someone forgot it :-)

peter fristedt: kyllä

paz: I had to hurry, I almost lost the capture.

barbara rahal: Could've been Olaf, but I guess they had other means to secure their ships.

Thanks for the comments, sorry I'm a bit late with answers. Time's just not on my side right now.

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