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I shouldn't bore you yet again with the "Venice of the North" slogan. Still, there's no getting around the fact that Stockholm consists of islands and water. Consequently, we need quite a few bridges to keep it all together.

Sankt Eriksbron ("St Eric Bridge") is a 227 meter steel construction inaugurated in 1937 and it'll bring you, your bike, your car, bus or subway train safely from Kungsholmen to Norrmalm. Or, on special occasions, the other way...

Atlasmuren (map) 20 September 2008 | others bloggar


JM said...

Any idea how many bridges? I've never been there and I'm curious.

Halcyon said...

Nice angle. I like the architecture.

Carrie Flicka said...

What do you call all of the water between the islands that is not ocean? Would you say it is lake, or river?

Saretta said...

Well, it certainly looks solid...which is a quality I also hope for in a bridge!

Per Stromsjo said...

That's a good question, JM. I had no idea but according to Wikipedia there are 51 bridges.

Halcyon, thanks! The place where I shot this is distinctly unattractive if you ask me but as long as we all keep our eyes on that bridge we'll be fine!

Carrie Flicka: That's another good question. There is no single answer, I guess. First of all, the water in Stockholm (inside the archipelago) is part of the larger Lake Mälaren. One part of it is Klara Sjö so there's a "lake" in the lake. Mostly it's either a "vik" (bay) or a "fjärd". Fjärd, as you can imagine, is related to the word "fjord" but obviously we don't have anything resembling Norweigan fjords in the inner city. Gosh, this got complicated. Well, it's always water at least! ;)

Saretta: You've got an important point there. When two subway trains meet on the bridge one tends to appreciate that solid quality.

Thanks guys for stopping by.

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