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bicicleta in väsby

Throwing the body up into the air and making an overhead kick in football is called a bicycle kick. In Upplands Väsby they have taken the concept one step further. Here the entire bicycle together with whoever happens to be riding it is safely elevated to new altitudes by this bridge over the railroad.

Upplands Väsby station (map) 24 August 2008 | others bloggar


Anonymous said...

God Morgon!! What an interesting bridge. I like the lighting on it.

Carrie said...

I have absolutely fallen in love with Sweden through this site. I dream about going there one day, but unfortunately, it will never happen. In the mean time, I can look at these gorgeous pictures and dream. Thank you for such great quality.

Laurie said...

Such a gorgeous night shot. That is a really stylish bridge!

Halcyon said...

You always have the best night photos. This one is no exception. I thought it was a train station or something, but it's nice to give bicycle riders a safe way to cross the tracks!

PS: The word verification says GODPIGZ. Is that some kind of code? :)

JM said...

'bicicleta'? That's the way we write bycicle in portuguese... :-)
Another wonderful photo of yours!!! You see, everyone agree with me about your night light! :-)

JM said...

Sorry, I meant bicycle, not 'bycicle'... lol!

Peter Fristedt said...

The light meister Per is off-line on the road far up in northern Sweden, so on his behalf, thank you for your kind words.

Carrie: Who knows what the future holds, but in the meantime we are happy to have you on board the "pixels vessel".

Halcyon: I wouldn't dare to speculate what GODPIGZ could spell out :-)

Thanks all for stopping by!

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