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Time to leave Stockholm-Arlanda Airport for now. Here's a view towards Terminal 5 from the multi-storey garage. With 18 million passengers in 2007 this is Sweden's largest airport and #3 in Scandinavia. 42 km north of Stockholm, Arlanda was officially opened in 1962 and its name is a pun on the Swedish verb "landa", which means "to land". See more?

Arlanda, terminal 5 (map) 12 July 2008 | others bloggar


Laurie said...

I saw this image on the City Daily portal and I thought, that looks like Los Angeles International airport! Interesting how similar they are -- at least from this wonderful photo's perspective.

I am really enjoying your blog.

Anonymous said...

The motion in your photo is wonderful.. Great perspective

JM said...

Beautifull light!!!

Rafa said...

great night picture... and even learned some swedish in the same post!

Per Stromsjo said...

It was kind of odd for me to go visiting the airport since I'm not exactly a frequent flyer. As in "never". Sort of.

Laurie: I had no idea Arlanda would resemble LAX from this angle, thanks for a surprising insight.

Carrie Hayes: I'm not sure the architects would appreciate all my strange angles but at least I have fun finding them... ;)

JM: Thanks, greetings right back to you.

Rafa: I'm afraid Swedish is supposed to be a difficult language to learn, good to hear that you've got a flying start! ;)

Thanks for commenting. This post ends my little airborne mini series from Arlanda.

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