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left alone

One of the boats operating on Lake Mälaren, as seen from the top of City Hall. It looks kinda lonely right now, since there's usually at least two or three more like it at the same spot.

City Hall (map) 6 June 2008 | others bloggar


Deslilas said...

Closed for summer holidays !

Halcyon said...

I guess the tourist season is winding down?

I have a question. Do you know this city - Sollefteå, Sweden?

This is the only twin city in the entire state of Mississippi! Is it anywhere near Stockholm? (Sorry, but I don't know the geography of Sweden).

In any case, I'd be happy to exchange a photo of Madison Mississippi with anyone who might have something interesting from Solleftea.


Per Stromsjo said...

From the vantage point of Mississippi, I'd say Sollefteå is reasonably ;) near Stockholm but we're talking about 495 kilometers or a six hour drive according to Google Maps.

Searching for Sollefteå, I get 2215 hits on Picasa and 414 on Flickr. So there's no immediate shortage of photos... ;)

Halcyon said...

Sad though because I won't get to share a city of my town with someone else. :(

Halcyon said...

PS: Thanks for the advice though! :D

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