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dawn in the groovy grove (2)

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Next to the Observatory Grove is Stockholm Public Library by architect Gunnar Asplund. This is a classic example of Swedish architecture and current plans to have the library extended have stirred some debate. Behold a new day dawning for 2 million volumes of the finest literature. See more?

Observatorielunden (map) 26 July 2008 | others bloggar



I'm just coming back from Stockholm and I've seen this library for real now! It's quite a nice building and it takes a great warm orange shade in the sun.

Anonymous said...

I love the color of this building! What a great shot.. I would definately visit that library

babooshka said...

I love this magical night shot, and the title.

Coltrane_lives said...

It is an intriguing building. It certainly is more architecturally interesting than the square library boxes we have here in the Midwest. Thanks for sharing. BTW--I dig your title,too!

Per Stromsjo said...

Knowing we're next to the Observatory Grove, a casual observer might in fact think this *is* the Observatory. The library building has a very characteristic shape.

BLEEDING ORANGE: Good to hear that you had an opportunity to visit! Nothing beats reality.

Carrie Hayes: Architecture is perfectly subjective of course but I'd say it's probably the best 20th century building in town.

babooshka: Glad you enjoyed the title... ;)

Coltrane_lives: We've got quite a few square boxes as well. Not in this grove though!

Thanks guys for commenting. We'll return to the Groovy Grove once again on Monday.

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