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This might look like a perfect spot to do something about it. Wrong. You will only end up with a headache, since these comfy-looking pillows are actually made of concrete. The sculpture is called "Schlaraffenland - a kingdom of joy where laziness is a virtue" by Roland Andersson.

Västra Skogen (map) 9 May 2008 | others bloggar


Steffe said...

That's my kinda art!

Philadelphia Daily Photo said...

Wonder if there is a pea burried somewhere in there.

Coltrane_lives said...

This is too wild. I love it! You sure fooled me. It puts a whole new meaning on "pillow fights" and "pillow talks." Great find!

Bernt Seipl said...

steffe: concrete or pillows ?

philadelphia_daily_photo: there just might be, but it's a helluva job trying to find it

coltrane_lives: You're right, I wouldn't want to be in a pillowfight with those :-)

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Steffe said...


Anonymous said...

LOL! Looks so life-like.


Tinsie said...

That is very clever. Me likey!

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