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A railway bridge - or rather a bridge over the railway - in Sundbyberg, just north of Stockholm. I count at least four tracks.

Sundbyberg (map) 10 May 2008 | others bloggar


Anonymous said...

Det är något med den här bilden - jag får nästan lite "Magritte-känsla" av den. Som att något inte riktigt stämmer, som att perspektiven är lite förskjutna. Men jag kan inte riktigt säga vad det är som ger mig den känslan... En härlig bild i alla fall, som sätter hjärnan i arbete!

Coltrane_lives said...

Wow, it took me a while to figure what I was looking at. I love these type of photos. Thanks for the explanation. Once I enlarged, it was easy to see the tracks. Thought at first it was a vent. Have a good week!

• Eliane • said...

Coltrane says "thanks for the explanation", so I am reading the first comment very carefully... But my Ikea lessons limit me to "Hej!"... ;)
I am intrigued - is this something like this ? Or is it a mirror?

Coltrane_lives said...

Eliane...that's what it appears to me. Your cutout explained or showed it well. Merci.

Peter Fristedt said...

Hej Elaine and Coltrane Lives!

Yours is an almost surreal discussion to follow! Like with Elaine’s photo, the hole makes the perspectives somewhat distorted as Himmelochord notes. I passed the place on a walk and after a few steps I had to stop and walk back to see what I had unconsciously registered.

Thanks for stopping by, all three of you!

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