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I'll take the stairs

Details of the stairs inside an office building at Kungsgatan in central Stockholm. In those old days they knew how to build. It's the same building that houses the Vete-Katten café - purveyors of great "fika" since 1928.

Kungsgatan (map) 20 May 2008 | others bloggar


Virginia said...

Great composition. This is a winner in my book.

Peter H said...

I agree with Virginia - this one is a beautiful almost abstract picture.

Peter Fristedt said...

And I agree with Peter H ;o)

No, seriously, I praised the stairs to a person who worked there and she had hardly noticed the beauty of them. It's the small things in everyday life that you often miss out.

Thanks Virginia and Peter H for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Very nice architecture. Very nice photo.


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