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going to Sahara ?

Found these gas canisters on top of one of the "pink caravan"-buses that was parked in Kungsträdgården. There's no doubt where this bus is going. Care to hop on?

Kungsträdgården (map) 24 May 2008 | others bloggar


Halcyon said...

Love the colors! Not sure if I'm ready for a trip to the Sahara though. It's plenty hot right here!

Steffe said...

I remember reading about these buses in Vagabond many years ago, seems like a fun way to travel the world.

Pia K said...

You'd never see me hop on one of those buses, but I do enjoy the idiom and the lovely colours!

Bernt Seipl said...

Thanks for the comments all of you. I'm curious about the buses, but like Pia, I wouldn't go. I don't think I could be cooped up like that for so long.

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