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stranded whales

photo: Peter Häggström

Summer is here and so is the season for flying balloon in - or rather above - Stockholm. When the balloons are being prepared - everybody is giving a helping hand - they pretty much look like gigantic stranded whales. This evening five balloons started from the same field south of the city. We were lucky and the winds would bring us all across central Stockholm. More to come ...

Kärrtop (map) 21 May 2008 | others bloggar


Per Stromsjo said...

Spectacular shot and a great start, Peter H.

Hilda said...

Ooh, you're riding one? Cool!

Every year there's a hot-air balloon fest in a province just outside Manila, but I have yet to attend one. I really should make the time.

Halcyon said...

They are so colorful! I wouldn't mind a whale like that in my yard.

Lena Johansson said...

I love when I see hot-air- balloons in the sky!
After having run Vårruset two days ago I thought sommething was wrong with me, but going from T-Centralen to Tumba by local train I saw SEVEN ones at the same time about 21.30. I am sure they where there!

Andrea Gerak said...

Right on! So we got some ballooning here :-)

Looking forward to see the pics taken from the air.

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