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stockholm city bikes

A thousand city bikes are waiting at scores of stations all over the city. Here's a photo from the station at Slussen. You can borrow one of these bikes for a maximum of three hours. But first you need a bike card which will last all season if you pay roughly 25 Euro. A free helmet is included.

Södermalmstorg (map) 5 May 2008 | others bloggar


Josy said...

Neat night photography. How do they enforce the three-hour limit?

Lena Johansson said...

A very good idea with this bikes...

Steffe said...

Ha ha, sponsored by Alvedon, like you would get a headache if you didn't use the helmet...

Fredrik said...

Three-hour limit? You guys in the capital sure knows how to put pressure on a person!

Great picture!

Deslilas said...

So you too have "Velib" in Stockholm.
It was a very good idea of the French Mayor of La Rochelle, Michel Crépeau, long ago in the 70's before Delanoe, the Paris Mayor.

turtle said...

This is great! I miss Stockholm! I have an aunt there. Great post :]

photoimagine said...

Hoppas du får en fin nationaldag.
Fototillfällen lär det inte vara brist på om du nu är i staden.


Per Stromsjo said...

There's a story about those free helmets. Apparently you have to pick it up south of town (or pay to have it delivered to your home) so many helmets are waiting for their rightful owners.

Josy: That's a good question. According to the loan agreement, if you do not return the bike in time Clear Channel can block your bike card. If I had designed this system they would have required some kind of deposit when you get your card to help cover the costs for theft and repairs.

Lena: Apparently a popular one as well.

Steffe: I didn't think of that. Helmets and headaches! ;)

Fredrik: Ah, but we like to think we're so darn efficient that we do miracles in less than three hours... ;)

Deslilas: I didn't know the history behind this.

Turtle: Why not come visit us and help get some more nice photos of this town? I'm sure your aunt would appreciate it as well! ;)

Photoimagine: Tack, dagen var förträfflig även om vädret inte är min tekopp direkt. Jag tror vi har haft en ballongkorrespondent på språng idag på sta'n.

Thanks all for commenting!

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