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out in the cold

The things you have to endure to get a smoke! In Sweden it's no longer allowed to smoke inside a restaurant and outside it's cold ...sometimes. Nice to have a warm blanket to wrap around you.

Sveavägen (map) 13 May 2008 | others bloggar


Steffe said...

Serves them right (I quit smoking many years ago).

moworld said...

Its been like that here for a few years now, people standing around outside bars.

photolicious said...

What other policies are there regarding smokers in Sweden (except that smoking is barred inside pubs)?

For example, is walking and smoking at the same time prohibited? I find people who do that extremely rude because the cigarette fume just flies straight into the person behind!

Ming the Merciless said...

Same in NYC. Finally, I can go to a bar without coming home smelling like stale cigarette.

Hyde DP said...

I was originally in favour of the ban on smoking inside cafes/pubs &c but the result seems to be here that you now have groups of people gathered in the street and in bus shelters and lots more litter.
Sitting at a pavement cafe seems at least a little civilised.

Bernt Seipl said...

Steffe: I never started in the first place.

Photolicous: I know what you mean. I dislike it too, but no, it's not prohibited yet.

Ming: That's what I really like about it. Being able to go to a bar without smelling like an ashtray - well, almost anyway.

Hyde dp: I DO like it too, but then again I'm no smoker myself. I agree with you about the litter being more obvious today. Before, it stayed within the bars. One thing that nobody has addressed yet - the fact that nowadays you have almost no choice to avoid the smokers. They're everywhere. Mostly in the places where everyone has to pass. Doorways mostly. Lazy bastards ;-)

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