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mid-month theme: subway day

The Stockholm subway network consists of a hundred stations, some of them quite remote from the city. Alby station (opened 1975, map link below, see more?) in the Botkyrka municipality is a 33 minutes' ride away from the Subway Central. The artist Olle Ängkvist decided to create a "cave of secrets" with painted flowers, secret signs and symbols. And here's a labyrinth.

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T-Alby (map) 19 May 2008 | others bloggar


Blognote said...

Well captured! I like this photo.

Lena Johansson said...

Thank you Per for giving this station attention all over the world. I have Alby in my heart and all the people from over 50 different countries living there, this was a happy surprise!
I like the station with the paintings on the walls.It is some kind of cave-feeling when you are there.
Tack så mycket, Per = Thank you very much, Per

Andrea Gerak said...

wow, this is a nice one, i should go there and see it!

so now i am also up with budapest subway :-)

Peter said...

A very niceley decorated station! And the angle makes your picture really nice!

moworld said...

Very different to the DC metro system which is basically cold concrete. I think I prefer Stockholm.

Silver Spring Daily Photo

Ming the Merciless said...

Per, you and Andrea have similar photos! How cool!!

Love the tile work. I took a couple photos of decorative tiles in the subway station yesterday. I will post it next week.

Stina said...

Jag gillar vinkeln och färgerna! Har aldrig besökt den stationen, men den verkar vara väl värd ett besök.

turtle said...

Oh man, those bed bugs are gross, huh!? I'm glad he hasn't seen any more!

I like the photo :]

Per Stromsjo said...

I was delighted by the appearance of this station and I suppose it has been renovated recently. Lucky timing of my visit then.

Blognote: Thanks, I had a hard time choosing among the pics from that visit.

Lena: Tack, snälla. We keep reminding ourselves not to forget about the suburbs of Stockholm, it's so easy to remain in the city just walking those usual streets and miss out on all the other sights.

Andrea Gerak: Yep, do go to Alby when you get the chance. We're glad to have Budapest on board as well for our little recurring subway event! :)

Peter: Thanks, I really like those red benches.

moworld: We've got some cold concrete as well but most stations have been artistically decorated and the Stockholm subway is often labeled "the worlds longest art exhibition".

Ming(tm): You're right and it wasn't planned at all. Nice coincidence. Never been to Budapest or Hungary for that matter. Looking forward to your tile post.

Stina: T-banan är väl värd att beskådas när man har en stund över. Ofta tar vi oss inte tid, bara.

turtle: Not to worry! ;)

Thanks all for commenting, don't miss our next subway day in July.

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