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#1003 downtown cottages

photo: Michael Zucker

Right in the city, some allotment garden cottages by the swimming centre Eriksdalsbadet. Spring is finally coming! Here's the same view, eight weeks ago.

Eriksdalsbadet (map) 5 May 2008 | others bloggar


Steffe said...

Gammalt och nytt, great Stockholm shot.

Anonymous said...

Big difference between the "then" and "now" photos. I like the "now" photo with all the greenery.


MickeZ said...

Thanks for your comments, I will return to the very same spot in another 2-3 months, to see if anything has changed

Per Stromsjo said...

Please do, Micke. I envision a tradition!

Tinsie said...

You're right - spring is coming! It's amazing to see the difference a few weeks can make :-)

Järnladyn said...

Vilka kontraster!
Vore spännande att se samma vy i höstskrud också.

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