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to readers, guest photographers and co-authors, thanks for five exciting years of pixels !


#1000 stockholm by us

#1000 on pixels since 19 October 2005

A thousand photos is a lot. Finding highlights in that pile isn't entirely easy and it's perfectly subjective of course. Still, we tried. These are some of our own favorite shots. You can find them all in our personal top-20 lists:

20 by bernt
20 by per
20 by peter
20 by stefan

A special thanks to our guests Kenneth, Patrik, Michael, Christer and Pia who have enriched this blog. Most of all, our sincere gratitude goes out to you - our readers. Without you, this little idea in October 2005 wouldn't have taken off at all.

Discovering and sharing Stockholm through text and photos has been a unique experience and we like to think the best is yet to come. So stay tuned for more of stockholm by pixels. Tomorrow, photo #1001.


Hyde DP said...

Well done on reaching 1000 - great achievement.

Helena Englund said...

Congrats! Ni förgyller verkligen tillvaron - eller kanske ni bara visar oss blinda stockholmare att vår tillvaro faktiskt har guldkant. Vi har bara så svårt att upptäcka det själva.

Greg said...

fantastic on reaching the #1000 mark. Its a huge achievement and i am looking forward now to the #2000 mark :-)

Hobart Daily
Bicheno Daily

Andrea Gerak said...

Wow, grattis!!!

Halcyon said...

Very nice montage! Congratulations on reaching 1000!

Pia K said...

Congrats! How time flies!

Olivier said...

félicitation, #1000 c'est fabuleux. Et c'est toujours un bonheur de passer sur ton blog. bravo et bonne continuité
congratulations, #1000 it am wonderful. And it is always a happiness to pass on your blog. bravo and good continuity

Per Stromsjo said...

I know you're not far behind us Gerald. If my math serves, you'll be passing the same milestone during this year.

Helena Englund: Tack snälla. Jag tror det gäller även oss själva. Vanan att ströfva (som vi kallar det) dit näsan pekar har lett oss till att upptäcka massvis vi inte heller visste om. Så det funkar på båda sidor av linsen! :)

Greg, we're thrilled as well. I suppose that'd be January 2011 for #2000 then? With your support we'll give it a try!

Andrea, tack!

Halcyon: Yep, Peter did this great montage of our old stuff.

Pia: Time does fly, no way getting around that.

Olivier: We appreciate your kindness.

Thanks all for stopping by on this special day for us!

Ben said...

congratulations for great achievement and building such a fantastic collection.

Ackworth Born said...

I've a way to go yet - todays post on Hyde DP is #767

If I were to add up all the posts on all the blogs I've contributed to it would be a lot more than 1000 though.

Anonymous said...

Får sälla mig till gratulanterna. 1000 bilder känns som ett rejält arkiv! Många fina bilder här. Bara att sikta på nästa 1000-sträck.. :)

Steffe said...

Grattis, as we say in Swedish. I'm lacking behind at a lousy 812!

Peter Fristedt said...

Hurray! We made it to a thousand and are only half way to our next goal! Seriously, thanks all for stopping by over the years and for all your nice and inspiring comments! I - we - love this city (pixel by pixel as Lena put it) and will continue with our strolling and with our cameras handy. Thanks a mill --- a thousand!

Helena/Bildbloggerian said...

Grattis till 1000 bilder! Jag har ingen koll på hur många bilder som jag publicerat hos mig, men jag tror ni vinner :)

Ming the Merciless said...

Belated Happy 1000th Post!

Fredrik said...

You guys are doing a terrific job! Please, do continue!

• Eliane • said...

Woo-hoo!!! Congrats! CHAMPAGNE!!!

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