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window cleaning

A sky lift always comes handy when you want to clean the windows. Spring time cleaning at SEB at Sergels torg.

Sergels Torg (map) 22 Jan 2008


• Eliane • said...

I am always amazed by this profession. Who in is right mind would stand in a little moving basket and wash windows in all kinds of weather conditions? I always wonder what it pays. There would be no suitable amount to get me up there.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking building. I'm sure those windows need to be cleaned constantly.


Peter Fristedt said...

Elaine: I'm not sure if the basket hanging down from above (down to the 8569:th floor in New York ;o) ) is better than the one going from down to up. It's a shaky business.

Paz: No no no ... SEB is a bank, so we try to keep the windows as dirty as possible so that the outside won't see what we are doing inside (yes, I work there).

Thanks for commenting our little spring cleaning exercise.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Ahhh! An office building. Cool. Too funny, so that's the trick of what's going on behind the windows. LOL!


Olivier said...

j'aurais le vertige, je n'aimerais pas devoir faire les vitres ;o) belle photo et beau coup d'œil

I vertigo, I would not have to do the windows, o) nice and beautiful photo glance

Steffe said...

I know a few window cleaners. They would be very impressed by this.

Sanctus Belle said...

Beautiful architecture! These window cleaners have courage and I'm sure don't get paid enough.

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