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sunny in solna

Part of the Solna Municipality, Bergshamra (pop. 7300) is a suburb without much of a history. It was established after WWII (which obviously left Sweden almost unaffected by hostilities) and has been extended several times.

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Björnstigen, Bergshamra (map) 23 Feb 2008


Deslilas said...

Sweet memories. I spent some months in Bergshamra some years ago in the students residence when I was a trainee in a Swedish firm ASEA Graham. (with the program IAESTE).
It was a nice spot.

Halcyon said...

I have a questions about a Swedish product found in my local store. I'd love it if you could stop by my blog and take a look.

I've always wanted to visit Stockholm. I hear it's very beautiful. For now I will enjoy it through your pictures. :)

Peter Fristedt said...

Desilas: Ah, happy days ;o)

Halcyon: Good of you to stop by! Muesli and soured milk is a typical breakfast in my home. Here is a photo of what's on my table now - it's basically the same as the one on your photo. The brand you found is very common in Sweden. It tastes good-

Per Stromsjo said...

Those student residences are still there I think. Not the most amazing housing but pretty close to the University for starters.

Thanks Peter for elaborating on the breakfast issue. I've consumed substantial quantities of sour milk throughout the decades!

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