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Ensuring access to health care for all its residents is a primary responsibility for the Stockholm County Council. The Danderyd University Hospital is an important part of that equation.
Hälso- och sjukvård svarar för tre fjärdedelar av landstingets kostnader
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Danderyds sjukhus (map) 23 Feb 2008


Anonymous said...

Health care is so important.

Paz (who is sick. ugh!)

Alexander said...

I can see the good work done!

Alex's World! -

Abby said...

Per, you are the one and only to ever have left a comment on my "creative blog" - and I thought I'd better thank you for it. (As long as you weren't making fun of me, of course!) I wanted you to know that I've just posted some actual evidence of my 5th degree creative black belt on "love preserves". The cards you saw were okay - but I was a little embarrassed at the idea of someone thinking it was my best work. Love your blog - have a great day!

Fredrik said...

These buildings are so boring...but when presented with a splendid composition, like this, they're actually quite cool.

Per Stromsjo said...

Take care, Paz!

Alexander: Yep, these guys really make a difference.

Abby: Only glad to stop by, I'll do it again.

Fredrik: It's kind of a fun challenge to make something out of - well... you know.

Thanks all for commenting.

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