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Gustaf Vasa Church (4)

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Lena suggested we should take a look inside Gustaf Vasa Church as well. That was a piece of good advice. Here's the altar with magnificent sculptures, all in baroque style and originally created for the cathedral in Uppsala by carver Burchard Precht.
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Odenplan (map) 10 Mar 2008


lena said...

Oh, you remembered my advice! I think I must remind myself going inside again and have a look.You must not go far away to feel you are in Rome...
(Do you know there is a possibility to be there for ever, you can buy a place in the "columbarium"under the churchfloor. I do not know much about it,I just heard about it when I studied religion many years ago. Perhaps all places are sold???)
Well, let us think of something nicer, the wonderful weather for example.I picked tussilago farfara (lat.) today!

Olivier said...

l'intérieur de cette église est superbe. j'aime beaucoup

Inside this church is superb. I love

Destitute Rebel said...

This is a beautiful picture of an amazing church. Wonderful, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like this very much!


Fredrik said...

Nice angle and light in this one!

Anonymous said...

The interior of the Church is indeed impressive - some truly stunning sculptures! Thanks for sharing them - perhaps you would like to also view our pictures and perhaps add some to the travel community at trivago?
(ps: I've linked to this article from my blog)

Tinsie said...

That's gorgeous! Totally stunning!!!

Per Stromsjo said...

That Rome feeling is something special, Lena. They say all roads lead there, apparently that's true for the subway to Odenplan as well.

Olivier, Destitute Rebel, Paz: I agree, it's so beautiful.

Fredrik: Thanks, I was pretty happy with that angle. Glad you like it.

PierreJ: Appreciate the link.

Thanks all for stopping by. We'll return here for another interior view.

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