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yes, we have no artillery

.A new cylindric residential tower emerges at Ladugårdsgärdet.
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Såhär brukade det inte se ut när man klev ut från T-Stadion
andra om stockholm torn östermalm

Svea torn (map) 23 Feb 2008


Fredrik said...

Looks like a giant can of Pringles!

Sanctus Belle said...

Are the people coming out of a subway or just up some steps?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I'd feel about living in a round building but I like looking at them. ;-)


Per Stromsjo said...

You know, Fredrik, we take pride in a complete service offering. Bernt recently brought some beer and today, the snacks. Anything else your heart desires, just say so... ;)

Sanctus Belle: You're right, they're coming out of a subway station and I was standing below them halfway down those stairs.

Paz: Be sure to stop by for more of this particular building!

And if anyone found the title a bit weird, there will be an explanation for the "artillery" part when I return here next week.

Thanks for commenting.

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