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Things are changing rapidly at Ladugårdsgärdet. A new cylindric residential tower rises next to what's left of A1, the old regiment Svea Artilleriregemente #1. See more?
Tänk, här har man jobbat i sin krafts dagar
andra om stockholm militär östermalm

Svea torn (map) 23 Feb 2008


gizelle said...

This kids of building puzzles me, the interior shaped into half circles are very annoying to design with furnitures!

Great looking outside though!

Alexander said...

That is really an interesting architecture! I really like it a lot! :)

Alex's World! -

Tinsie said...

I like round buildings and this one is better than many I've seen. Nice!

Per Stromsjo said...

It's going to become a lot rounder as we get closer, Tinsie... :)

Gizelle: I have no idea how they handle that. Wish we had a flying correspondent inside the premises.

Alexander: It's certainly very different from the old regiment.

Thanks guys, more of this tower coming up.

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