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skansen by light

The open air museum Skansen welcomes visitors every month of the year. Most will prefer coming here in the summertime but the lights are more spectacular in this darker season.
Ring in nästa elräkning redan idag!
andra om stockholm skansen museum

Skansen (map) 13 Jan 2008


Tinsie said...

I love Skansen, although I've never been at night. Clearly this is something I need to put right - it looks spectacular!

Anonymous said...

Per, I love your photos. Thanks! :)

photolicious said...

Hello and greetings from Singapore! Good to find a photo blog on Sweden...I'd like to know if December is a good month to visit Stockholm? Will most places be closed because of the weather (snow). Will transportation be affected too?

Pia K said...

These trees are gorgeous! I did get a picture of them in daytime, but they weren't nearly as stunning as in the dark.

photolicious, oh I should say Dec is a good month to visit Sweden. At least in the bigger cities most things are open all-year-around, perhaps not certain boattrips, and the advantage of coming here in wintertime is that you don't have to fight a whole lot of other tourists:)

Alas for years we haven't had a lot of snow in many parts of Sweden. And most transportations works well all year around. Flights can of course be cancelled due to fawlty weatherconditions here too.

All and all, I think Dec would be a very pleasant time to visit us up here in the northern Europe, photolicious:)

Per Stromsjo said...

Pia is right, December is a great month provided you're prepared with the right clothes, it's not the best time for strolling around in a t-shirt enjoying an ice cream... ;)

And Skansen is well worth a visit at any time. It's among the things I appreciate more as I grow older, actually.

Thanks all for your kind comments.

J.C. said...

I have been to Skansen during the 1st day of spring where a big bonfire was set up. We had a great time there!

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