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quality and caring

.Danderyds sjukhus is a specialist hospital which opened in 1964 and got its own subway station in 1978. According to their mission statement, operations must be characterized by “Quality and Caring”.
2007 hade man 536 vårdplatser och 3300 anställda
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Danderyds sjukhus (map) 23 Feb 2008


Kris McCracken said...

It's funny how hospitals look the same the world over. I'll have to take one of the Royal here in Hobart as a counterpoint!

Anonymous said...

First, I like the new blog look with the larger photos. Cool! I like this pic looking up. I like the angle.


Curly said...

Great picture today thanks!

I apologise for this "mass comment" but I could do with your help today over at South Shields Daily Photo. Help promote the rights of photographers!

Peter Fristedt said...

Glad you like the new big size Stockholm Paz! We like it too!

Anonymous said...



Per Stromsjo said...

Glad to have your layout support, Paz! I agree it does look a lot better.

Kris, I suppose there are differences depending on when they were built at least. We had lots of hospitals established in the fifties and sixties, the booming post-war era.

Thanks, guys. We'll show another glimpse in a few days, stay tuned for that.

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